To Always Be Seen On Point, This is the Makeup That Must Have in the Bag!

Appear fresh, flawless, and attractive at every opportunity obligatory. Therefore, not a few women who are willing to take the time to dress up before leaving the house. However, hot air or activities that require a lot of movement sometimes make the makeup fade so that the appearance was not on point anymore. This is where the touch up is needed. So what is needed for touch ups? Let’s take a peek below!

Makeup that Must Have in the Bag

  • 1. Oil paper
  • For those of you who have oily faces, oil paper is a must in your makeup pouch. This can be a savior when the face starts to look shiny.

  • 2. Powder
  • Don‘t forget to bring powder too, Bela! This one item makeup will make the face look brighter in an instant. For those of you who have dry skin you can choose compact powder. Meanwhile, if your skin is oily use translucent powder for touch ups.

  • 3. Lipbalm
  • Dry lips will make the appearance less pleasing to the eye. Now, so that your lips are always moist, make sure you always carry lipbalm wherever you go.

  • 4. Lipstick
  • Usually, lipstick is the easiest to wear off, especially after you drink and eat. For this reason, it is important to always carry it in a bag. No need to bring all your collection, just bring one lipstick that you are using that day.

  • 5. Face mist
  • Face mist is also important. This one product can make your face fresher and moist.

  • 6. Eyebrow product
  • Don‘t want your eyebrows to suddenly fade and look empty when there’s an event? For that, always carry an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder in your bag.

  • 7. Blush on
  • The face looks dull or pale? Just brush a little pink or peach blush, then your face will look fresh in an instant. Make sure you always carry the seven products above!

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