5 Powerful Easy Movements to Shrink the Stomach

One sign that we are gaining weight is by increasing the size of the abdomen. For women, a large stomach is one thing that can interfere with appearance. A distended stomach can also cause a decrease in self-confidence. Well, in this article it turns out there are 5 movements that can shrink the stomach quickly you know. If you want to know, read it to the end!

5 movements that can shrink the stomach quickly

5 movements that can shrink the stomach quickly

  • 1. Leg Raise
  • This movement can be done without using any tools. Although this movement is fairly easy, but doing a few sets is enough to make the abdominal muscles feel hot from burning fat. The way to do this is to lay your body down then lift your legs and lower back without touching the floor. Perform this movement 15 times x 3 sets to get the desired results.

  • 2. Heel Touch
  • Heel Touch is one of the sports movements that is proven to be effective in burning belly fat quickly if done routinely. To do this movement, you only need to lie on your back then move your body to the right and left alternately.

  • 3. Donkey Kickback
  • The body position when doing this movement is like crawling. Even this movement is relatively easy for anyone to do. The way to do it is to position the body as if in a crawling position, then lift the right leg up with a repeat kicking motion for the left leg. Do it 10 times.

  • 4. Candle Attitude
  • Called the attitude of the candle because with this movement, the position of the body shape like a candle that is standing upright. To do this movement do not need to use tools. The trick is to lay the body, then lift both legs up with the back supported by both hands, hold this movement for 1 minute then repeat again.

  • 5. Sit Up
  • The sit-up movement is already a very popular movement. Everyone certainly knows this sit-up movement and can easily be done anywhere. Sit-up movements are indeed quite effective movements to train your abdominal muscles while burning belly fat.

    That was the 5 movements you can do at home to shrink the stomach. Hopefully the article is useful!

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