Cytotec prescription medication abortion

An abortion is not a right or arguably indiscriminate harm in someone especially if the absence of guidance from the obstetrician, for that we will give you tips on how to abort safely and securely.

Tips potent abort Safe for your partner to do the (abortion) own up to gestational age 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 months by drinking two drugs: Cytotec misoprostol (also known as the abortion pill most effective, RU 486), and Cyrux Misoprostol (also known as drug driving fetus so that the content is easy to get out without serious internal bleeding). How to abort a fetus without medical has been giving a success rate of over 100%

How it works The drug Cytotec is almost the same as the birth boosters drugs that result in contraction of the uterus and the fetus forced to come out of the womb. Therefore, the uterus will impose a termination of pregnancy occurs. You will experience vaginal bleeding more than usual menstruation, usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

The success rate of abortion with Cytotec is 97%. This way is considered a failure if you do not experience it after a few hours after taking the drug Cytotec.
Cytotec is available in pharmacies in almost all countries, the experience and the risks of abortion by taking the drug Cytotec is similar to the experience and the risk of natural abortion.
Natural or spontaneous abortion occurs without any action as much as 10% of all pregnancies.
Treatment due to complications of abortion, also the same as a natural treatment for abortion. If there is a problem, you should immediately go to the hospital or to a doctor. The doctor will take care of you as if you are having a natural abortion.
Now we will share important information that needs to be known by all women who want an abortion with the drug, namely:

You should make sure that you are pregnant.
Take a pregnancy test or ultrasound.
Cytotec drug eat when you‘re 100% sure you want to terminate the pregnancy. Do an ultrasound before taking the drug Cytotec.
Ultrasound shows whether the pregnancy is in the womb and has been how many weeks of pregnancy you.
Do not make the abortion itself.
Have someone close to when an abortion is very important; This person could be your spouse, a friend or family member who understands abortion and can help if there are complications. Once the bleeding started, one needs to keep in touch with you so he can help if there are complications.
Cytotec drug may be used without medical supervision.
Usually the disease does not become a problem. But some diseases, such as severe anemia, can be a problem because of the way abortion has resulted in severe bleeding.
Because of severe disease could harm mothers and children, it is often a good reason to have an abortion, even in countries with regulations that limit.